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Discover the future of racket sport scoring with Racketscore Live, the revolutionary scoreboard solution tailored for enthusiasts and professionals in badminton, padel, pickleball, squash, tennis, and racketlon. Transform your events into a hub of excitement and engagement with real-time scoring that keeps you in the loop with every thrilling point.

Experience real-time excitement

Refere scoring appDive into the heart of the action with Racketscore Live. Our cutting-edge technology ensures you never miss a moment, offering instant score updates that capture the essence of each match. Feel the adrenaline rush with live scores that bring you closer to the intensity of every rally and decisive play.

Aesthetics meet functionality

Racketscore Live isn't just about scores; it's about enhancing the visual appeal and atmosphere of your events. Our sleek, user-friendly design guarantees a seamless experience for scorekeepers and operators, allowing them to focus on the game while providing an unmatched scoring experience.

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Engage Your Audience

Turn spectators into active participants with Racketscore Live. Our system connects with venue displays, creating a dynamic environment that encourages fans to cheer louder and immerse themselves in the game. Keep the excitement alive and the crowd engaged with real-time score updates.

Gain insight with advanced analytics

Elevate your strategy and performance with comprehensive statistical insights from Racketscore Live. Access detailed analyses on serve percentages, winners, unforced errors, and much more. These data-driven insights offer a competitive edge, helping coaches, players, and fans make informed decisions and refine their approach.

Effortless integration

Racketscore Live seamlessly fits into your existing event setup. Our flexible integration capabilities allow for easy synchronization with online streaming, player profiles, and other scoring systems, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined event experience.

Dependability you can trust:

Built on a robust infrastructure, Racketscore Live promises reliability and efficiency. Our advanced technology delivers continuous, error-free scoring updates, letting you concentrate on creating an unforgettable event experience.

Transform your racket sport events with Racketscore Live, the ultimate real-time scoring solution. Contact us to learn how Racketscore Live can elevate your event and provide an exceptional experience for athletes and fans alike. Upgrade to Racketscore Live today and bring the excitement of live scoring to your next event!


Frequently Asked Questions

The app was invented by Arjen Jilsink of Ster Software BV

The app is primarily intended for referees of racket sports.

Yes, the scores can be followed live on this website.

Yes, the scores can be shown in an overlay, so that you can see the live score with the images.

Yes, the layout of the scoreboard can be completely adjusted to your wishes.

The explanation of the app is on this page: