Racketscore App

Elevate your game with Racketscore, the premier referee app for all racket sports enthusiasts. Designed to revolutionize scoring and officiating, Racketscore offers a suite of advanced features to ensure accuracy and ease in managing tennis, padel, badminton, squash, pickleball, and racketlon matches. Experience seamless integration of technology into your sports, enhancing the experience for referees and players alike. Say goodbye to scoring complications and embrace the future of racket sports with Racketscore.

Discover Racketscore, your ultimate digital companion for racket sports officiating and scorekeeping. With an innovative approach to enhancing the scoring process, Racketscore is tailored for tennis, padel, badminton, squash, pickleball, and racketlon enthusiasts. This app not only simplifies the referee's role but also ensures score accuracy, offering a streamlined, hassle-free experience for players and officials alike. Dive into the future of racket sports with Racketscore, where technology meets passion to elevate your game experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

The app was invented by Arjen Jilsink of Ster Software BV

The app is primarily intended for referees of racket sports.

Yes, the scores can be followed live on this website.

Yes, the scores can be shown in an overlay, so that you can see the live score with the images.

Yes, the layout of the scoreboard can be completely adjusted to your wishes.

The explanation of the app is on this page: https://racketscore.com/how-it-works/