Control Panel

Our control panel has been designed to offer you a comprehensive and intuitive user experience. It's an all-encompassing dashboard that provides an extensive range of features, allowing you to fully customize and control your viewing or broadcasting experience. Here's a brief overview of some features:

  1. Scoreboard: This feature allows you to display scores in real-time. It's customizable to suit the specific scoring system of different sports or games, and you can even customize the look and feel to match your brand or theme.

  2. Overlay: When streaming a match, overlays serve as valuable additions to the broadcast. They provide an opportunity to enhance the viewer experience by displaying relevant information and visuals. Streamers can adjust the overlay according to their preferences through the control panel, ensuring that it complements the content being streamed.

  3. Statistics: Our platform provides a comprehensive range of statistical tools. You can choose which statistics to display, how they are visualized, and where they are positioned on the screen.

  4. Players: This feature allows you to manage player information. You can add, import, export or remove players.

With these features, our control panel provides you with the tools to customize your broadcasting or viewing experience to your exact preferences, making it a breeze to manage even the most complex sports or gaming events. Whether you're a professional broadcaster, a passionate sports fan, or a casual viewer, our control panel is designed to cater to your needs.

Racketscore Control Panel
Racketscore Control Panel - Scoreboard
Racketscore Control Panel - Overlay

Frequently Asked Questions

The app was invented by Arjen Jilsink of Ster Software BV

The app is primarily intended for referees of racket sports.

Yes, the scores can be followed live on this website.

Yes, the scores can be shown in an overlay, so that you can see the live score with the images.

Yes, the layout of the scoreboard can be completely adjusted to your wishes.

The explanation of the app is on this page: